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Our glass machinery is marked as a stable and durable pronoun

Our glass machinery is marked as a stable and durable pronoun

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Anhui Jingling responds 24 hours a day to pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sale service, and establishes a professional after-sale service system. Only when we put our heart into it, can our customers rest assured. Jingling Anhui has a after-sales service center, which provides strong technical support for the company's services and related products. Technical Support Center has a group of excellent professional and technical personnel, providing "24 *365" service mode of after-sales service support, not only to provide timely and convenient support for the implementation of the entire service project, but also to provide long-term free technical advisory services for customers. In line with the principle that customers are God, everything for customers and everything for customers, Anhui Jingling promises to reply to users'questions within 24 hours. To provide users with high quality, efficient and professional after-sales service is the pursuit of Anhui Jingling!

Pre sale service

By providing customers with investment budget, plant planning and other forms of pre-sale services;

According to the needs of customers, to provide customers with a more reasonable configuration of equipment models;

Provide equipment related technical information, guide users to plan sites, design and improve the installation process and program for reference;

According to the special requirements of customers, we can design and manufacture products.

Sale service

Guide customers to install water, electricity and make machine placement standard and reasonable。

Arrange professional personnel to debug the new machine.

To train customer technicians and operators, so that relevant personnel can be familiar with the operation of the company's machinery, understand the maintenance and maintenance of the machine。

After-sale service

24-hour hotline (0552-3110051) online service;

Professionals visit the site regularly to help customers carry out equipment system status testing, understand the operation of equipment, listen to opinions and suggestions, help customers to carry out preventive maintenance, answer customer questions related to product maintenance, understand customer service satisfaction and new needs;

Free remote diagnosis service is provided all the year round。

Provide high quality original parts and thoughtful service.

The after-sales service department carries out a routine telephone return visit once a week to understand the use of equipment, etc.

Lifelong responsibility for service use.

Jingling Anhui has a sound after-sales service network, including a special after-sales service department, regular customer visits and information feedback from the sales department, tailor-made installation guidance and technical advice from the technical department. In order to ensure the smooth delivery and use of Jingling products, and to strengthen the monitoring of the whole process of production and delivery, the company has made strict regulations: after receiving the customer's maintenance phone calls, timely feedback of information to the person in charge of the after-sales service center, and then technical personnel from the after-sales service center will be sent to the door in a timely manner, until troubleshooting.

Anhui Jingling is a big brand of glass machinery and equipment industry. It is also well-known in China's glass machinery and equipment industry. From the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in the west to the Wanli Sea in the east, where there is progress and development, there are Anhui Jingling and users fighting side by side. The products are also exported to the United States, Australia, Belgium, Italy, South Africa, Russia, India, Thailand, Thailand and so on. Vietnam and other countries and regions, Anhui Jingling Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. has become a glass cutting equipment supplier. A complete ISO 9001:2015 international quality management system has been established, under which all activities can be guaranteed, controlled and implemented.

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