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Jingling, Anhui, rush to schedule, catch up with the time limit, light night battle

Jingling, Anhui, rush to schedule, catch up with the time limit, light night battle

publishdate:2019-01-15 views:1799

Autumn October, autumn high, refreshing, Anhui Jingling production workshop rush schedule, catch up with the construction period, light night battle, the workshop scene presents a hot day, a busy scene.

Due to the company's large orders, tight construction period and heavy tasks, the company's production department, technology department, quality inspection department responsible for leading each of the field managers to take part in several jobs, to speed up production progress。 In order to smoothly complete the construction period, all the personnel of the Production, Technology and Quality Inspection Departments carry forward the "white plus black" spirit of hard work and stick to their posts overtime, overcome various difficulties, overcome various unfavorable factors and actively promote the progress of the construction period。

In order to ensure the quality of equipment, the company controls the whole process from raw materials, process, production, inspection, packaging, warehousing and other links to ensure the quality of products. According to the requirements and specifications of customers, the combination of self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection in processing and production, the implementation of quality tracking, unqualified raw materials are not put into production, unqualified semi-finished products are not transferred to the next process, and unqualified products are not manufactured, thus ensuring the quality of production.

In order to complete the project smoothly, since October, the workshop has been brightly lit every day. Workers and masters have been working hard in their respective positions, without complaints, and striving to complete the project within the scheduled time limit. "Persistence is victory, we can't drop the chain at the critical moment!" In order to ensure the quality of products, every detail and every process are strictly regulated in accordance with the standard production management. Production, technology, quality inspection and other personnel have been waiting for the scene until late at night. While speeding up the progress of the construction period, Jingling always puts safety in production, quality and quantity in the first place. On the premise of ensuring safety in production, the rapid advance of quality and quantity is ensured. The company dispatches full-time safety officers to patrol production workshops, factories, transportation and transportation every day.

As a "Jingling" person, facing pressure and taking the initiative, it demonstrates the spirit of pragmatism, dedication, unity and cooperation, and never giving in to defeat. It composes a song of dedication to overtime, quality, quality and quantity.

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