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Bengbu Xingke Glass Co., Ltd.

Bengbu Xingke Glass Co., Ltd.

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Bengbu Xingke Glass Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Anhui Huaguang Optical and Electrical Material Technology Group Co., Ltd. Founded in 1999, it belongs to China Building Materials Group and Kaisheng Technology Group. It is also the glass deep processing production base of China Building Materials Group in East China.

At present, the company has built two modern standard factories in Bengbu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, covering 175 mu, with a total investment of 580 million yuan。 It has a production line of magnetron sputtering coated glass。 The products mainly cover: CIGS thin film solar cell back electrode, LOW-E coated energy-saving glass, new electromagnetic shielding coated glass, etc。 There are glass deep-processing equipment for the solar photovoltaic industry and the construction industry to provide various kinds of glass products。

With good service, excellent product quality, adhering to the social responsibility of the central enterprises, making good use of resources, service construction, Xingke strives to create a "Chinese building materials" brand, to contribute to social construction。 Enterprises have been awarded "A-level tax credit unit", "Anhui green building materials products", "one of the top ten building glass brands", and passed the ISO 9001 system certification。

The main products produced and operated by the company are: CIGS thin film solar cell back electrode, LED light-emitting glass, intelligent dimming glass, one-way perspective glass, electric hollow shutter glass, low radiation coating energy-saving glass, LOW-E coated hollow glass, ordinary hollow glass, flat and curved tempered glass, laminated glass, bullet-proof glass. Explosion proof glass, fireproof glass and so on. The CIGS thin film solar cells developed and developed by the company are exported to Germany, Japan and other countries.

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